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Thursday Jun 13, 2024

Episode Title: Nature’s Guidance: Flower Essences for Embracing Change
Welcome to another transformative episode of Rise Healer Rise. I'm your host, Sara Estelle, and today, we’re diving deep into the power of change and how flower essences can support you through life’s transitions. Join me as we explore the process taught in our Essentially Flowers Flower and Vibrational Essence Diploma, helping you move from your head into your heart, connected to the wisdom of nature.
Episode Highlights:
1. Introduction to Change:   - Discussion on what change means and common feelings associated with change.   - Reflective questions to help listeners consider their own experiences with change.
2. Choosing a Calming Colour:   - Guiding listeners to choose a colour that brings them comfort and calm.   - How colour can influence our emotional state and support us through transitions.
3. Essences for Change:   - Introducing five powerful flower essences that aid in navigating change from different ranges from around the world
4. Connecting with Nature:   - Steps to deepen your connection with nature and how it can support your emotional and spiritual journey.   -  A guided visualisation  to bring you out of your head and into your heart.
 Invitation to explore more about the Flower Essence Diploma and join our community - click below to find out more 
Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences 
Change is an inevitable part of life, but with the right support, it can become a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation.
I hope this episode inspires you to embrace change with an open heart and the wisdom of nature by your side.
Thank you for tuning in to Rise Healer Rise.
Additional Resources:- Visit our website: https://www.saraestelle.com/- Join our Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/risehealerrise

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Rise Healer Rise!
Today, I am excited to introduce Ann Callaghan, the visionary founder of Indigo Essences. Ann's journey into the world of vibrational essences began with a deep commitment to supporting sensitive individuals, especially children, in navigating the emotional and energetic challenges of our modern world. Indigo Essences have since become a pillar of support for those at the forefront of change, offering powerful tools to stay grounded and balanced.
In this episode, Ann shares insights about her new range of essences designed specifically for the trailblazers leading the transformation of our planet. We delve into the unique properties of these essences and how they can empower and support those who are pioneering new paths and driving forward change in these turbulent times.
In This Episode, We discuss:
Ann Callaghan's inspiring journey and the creation of Indigo Essences.
The role of vibrational essences in supporting emotional and energetic well-being.
Details about the new range of essences aimed at supporting change makers and visionaries.
How these essences can help individuals stay grounded, balanced, and empowered.
Practical advice for using these essences to navigate the challenges of leading change.
Resources Mentioned:
Indigo Essences Website – Explore Ann Callaghan’s full range of vibrational essences.
Explore the Trailblazer Series of Essences HERE 
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The Indigo Essences are one of the featured ranges in the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences. Find out more about becoming an accredited Flower Essence Practitioner and Nature Guide HERE 
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Thank you for joining us! Remember to stay grounded, embrace your unique gifts, and continue to rise.

Friday May 03, 2024

Join Sara Estelle on Episode 5 of Rise Healer Rise as she explores with you the sacred journey of aligning your Yin Feminine energy to create a healing business that resonates with your soul and calls through aligned clients who are so ready to work with you.
We are diving deep into how to infuse your business with the feminine juice it needs to not only survive but thrive.
Sara Estelle explores 
- The Call of the Feminine and our longing for a deeper connection with the natural world
- The Missing Pieces in Business Building for Modern Day Healers
- How to Nourish your Healing Business with Elemental Energies
We hope this episode inspires, educates and empowers you to embrace the Yin flow in your healing business, creating a space for abundance, creativity and true fulfilment
Rise Healer Rise
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Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

"Healing Paws and Whiskers Full Moon Rise Healer Rise podcast with Sara Estelle and Kathleen Aspenns"
Welcome to the very first Full Moon episode of the Rise Healer Rise podcast -  "Healing Paws and Whiskers - The Magic of Using Essences with Animals."
Today, we're joined by the inspirational Kathleen Aspenns, a Healer who has transformed her life and the lives of others, including animals, through the power of flower essences. Kathleen's deep connection with nature and spirit, fuelled by a challenging early life, personal loss, and a profound healing process, has led her to nearly two decades of experience in using essences to facilitate healing. Kathleen's unique story, starting with her own parrot leading her to discover essences, showcases the incredible potential of nature-based spirituality and the healing power of essences for both humans and animals.
Join us as we delve into Kathleen's transformative journey and explore the magic of using essences with animals.
We share ways you can support your animals and yourself with essences and give examples of simple ways to begin.
Whether you're looking for ways to support your animals or learn more about flower essences, this episode offers a pathway of guidance and inspiration.
Tune in to "Healing Paws and Whiskers Full Moon Rise Healer Rise" podcast and open your heart to the love that the animal kingdom has for you.
Find out all about Kathleen and her work with animals and humans here
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Saturday Apr 13, 2024

"Pathways to Power: Embracing your Sacred Purpose and Awakening the Priestess Within"
In this transformative episode of "Rise Healer Rise," we delve into the sacred journey of awakening the Priestess within through the archetype of a Modern Day Priestess.
Join us as we explore the modern embodiment of the Priestess archetype and how it can lead to profound personal and spiritual growth.
I share inspiring stories of transformation, explore about the pivotal role of self-love and embodiment, and  how to activate your inner gifts.
Whether you're seeking to deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine or to step into your power with greater confidence, this episode offers a pathway of guidance and inspiration.
Tune in to "Pathways to Power: Awakening the Priestess Within" and begin your journey towards embracing your sacred purpose.
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Friday Apr 05, 2024

Join Sara Estelle on Episode 2 of Rise Healer Rise as she explores with you the intricate dance of empathy and boundaries.
Join us as we explore the complexities Healers, Empaths, and Creatives face, and learn how to honour your empathic nature while setting healthy boundaries. Discover flower essences like Fringed Violet and Centaury for energy protection and assertiveness
Dive into the concept of sensitivity through the lens of elemental affinity, and learn how to find balance and self-care practices tailored to your unique essence.
Tune in to embrace your inner High Priestess and unlock the transformative power of setting boundaries with love and compassion.
Rise Healer Rise
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Friday Mar 29, 2024

Welcome to the first episode of the 'Rise, Healer, Rise' podcast where we seek to awaken the healer within each one of us and embrace the wisdom of nature. I am Sara Estelle, your guide through this transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection with the wisdom of our Earth.
In this episode, I share my personal journey of healing that started with the sudden loss of my dear father. The unexpected challenges that life has thrown my way led me to explore Flower and Vibrational essences, seek comfort from nature and eventually, to build my own range of essences - Moonflower Essences.
Learning from the trials of life and the wisdom of nature, I opened the doors of the 'Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences' in 2013. I believe each individual has boundless potential for transformation, and my wish is to empower you to tap into your unique abilities, to unfold into your most magical and impactful self.
In the upcoming episodes of 'Rise, Healer, Rise', we will weave together our unique callings with the nurturing support of nature. We'll delve into the ways nature's intelligence can guide you towards your true purpose and how the Vibrational Essences of flowers, trees, and crystals can support your personal growth.
Let's rise together, healers, and let our collective healing begin.
Join me on this journey of Awakening the Healer within you and let us create a ripple effect of positivity and transformation.
So are you ready to unleash the power of your innate healing abilities and create a life and healing business aligned with nature's wisdom? I invite you to reflect on your journey of healing and the connection you have made with nature and your divinity.
Welcome to the journey of embracing your innate potential and come join us in our Facebook Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/risehealerrise
Explore the World of Flower and Vibrational Essences with me
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Rise Healer Rise Trailer

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Trailer for my Rise Healer Rise podcast 
Rise Healer Rise is the new incarnation of Sara Estelle Turner’s long-running podcast hosted for healers globally.
Empowering those who wish to connect more deeply with nature with themselves, and with like-minded spirits and Magical Healers
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Saturday Mar 09, 2024

Welcome to this intuitive presentation of flower and vibrational essences tailored to the Pisces New Moon. Here, Sara Estelle explores how these essences, even without the physical bottles, can tune our energy frequencies and support us during turbulent times.
The discussion begins by diving into the expansive and empathic Pisces energy. Sara presents Fringed Violet as a brilliant tool to support overly porous energy systems, helping us discern between our energy and the energy we encounter in the world. Then, she introduces Red Clover from the Flower Essence Services, a perfect essence to help stay calm amidst fear and anxiety.
Rock Rose, another essence discussed, is useful for individuals with Pisces energy. It eases anxieties and fosters courage and resilience in times of stress. Three more essences brought to the forefront are Cattail Pollen, which invokes courage and resilience, Sundew which helps with grounding and focusing, and Moonstone, an essence that combats energetic overwhelm.
Lavender, famous for calming and soothing properties is also discussed, along with Iris - an essence that invokes creativity, a hallmark trait of Pisces energy.
These essences can help nourish and nurture our energy systems in these trying times and guide individuals seeking to be leading experts in the field of Flower and Vibrational essences. Discover more about Sara's work at www.saraestelle.com.
Come join a rising wave of Empowered Healers who love nature in my Facebook Rise Healer Rise Community HERE 

Saturday Jun 12, 2021

This topic will be useful for you if you have strong Gemini energies yourself, or for anyone as we head into a New Moon in Gemini.
Would you like to become an abundant, successful, magical, Empowered Healer?
Visit https://www.saraestelle.com/ to learn about our:
Empowered Healer Programs
Our accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences
Star of Gaia Priestess Process - Become a nature priestess of the New Earth.
I'm Sara Estelle, and I help healers experience the magic of their true potential and create meaningful and authentic lives and businesses with the nature kingdom as their guide.

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